Songwriting on Guitar Masterclass

Songwriting on Guitar Masterclass

There’s no way around it: the better you understand the language of music, the more fun songwriting becomes. 

Songwriting on Guitar Masterclass demystifies the art of writing songs, going from the very beginning theory of how scales and chords work, all the way to advanced composition concepts that only the world’s most famous and successful songwriters know about.

There is nothing like the feeling of getting into the zone and creating music so beautiful and so captivating that you stop everyone who hears it in their tracks. 

Becoming that good at writing songs is not as farfetched as you might think. Songwriting on Guitar Masterclass’ unique, easy-to-understand approach is one of the reasons author Vreny Van Elslande is among the most sought-after guitar teachers in Los Angeles. He’s helped countless students go from complete beginners to professional, full income-earning musicians in three years or less. Ready to see the same fantastic progress?

Songwriting on Guitar Masterclass will be your ongoing source of ideas that lead you to create an unlimited supply of songs. Inside you’ll find a wealth of colorful tips, techniques, and concepts that will keep inspiring you for a lifetime, including:

  • The many different ways to start a song
  • Song structure and form
  • Colorful chord concepts that trigger song ideas
  • Emotion & surprise elements
  • Techniques to come up with powerful hooks
  • How to hook your listeners with ostinatos
  • Techniques on how to write more emotional, moving melodies
  • A breakdown of songwriter music theory that is a must-know for crafting songs with greater ease
  • Composition concepts that enhance storytelling and flow

In no time you’ll impress your friends and loved ones with how effortlessly you come up with unbelievably good songs. Are you ready to make your listeners fall in love with your musical creations?

I can guarantee you one thing: there is nothing like the priceless feeling you get when you know in your heart that the song you just created is really special and exceptional…

… and you will get that feeling often after studying this book. 

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