Master The Guitar Fretboard

Imagine being able to effortlessly learn anything on the guitar in only minutes? Ever dream you could mesmerize listeners with pure stage presence and charisma? Can you imagine if everyone loved the sound of everything that pours out of your fingertips any time you lay your hands on a guitar? 

One of the most important skills to get you there: fretboard mastery.

Mastering the fretboard in only 7 days is not as crazy as it sounds! Master The Guitar Fretboard’s special, easy to learn technique is one of the reasons author Vreny Van Elslande is among the most sought-after guitar teachers in Los Angeles. He’s helped countless students go from complete beginners to professional, full income-earning musicians in three years or less. Ready to be one of them?

In only one week, you will be able to:

  1. Memorize every note on the fretboard
  2. Write better songs with less effort
  3. Play better guitar solos
  4. Exude confidence as a guitarist because you know your instrument
  5. Understand music theory with greater ease because it all makes sense on the fretboard 
  6. Learn songs way faster
  7. And more!

Master The Guitar Fretboard is perfect for both beginners and experienced guitarists who want to improve their ability to freely navigate the fretboard. With step-by-step instructions, expert guidance, and practical exercises, Vreny will help you achieve your goals and take your guitar playing to the next levels.

Amaze yourself with how quickly you can memorize the fretboard and achieve musical freedom!

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