Guitar Essentials

Learn and train the bare-bone essentials that every aspiring (and seasoned) guitarist should conquer to reach higher levels of mastery, under the guidance of Vreny Van Elslande, who is one of the most sought-after guitar teachers in Los Angeles.

Some call these “the fundamentals”: ear, time feel, technique/accuracy, basic theory, fret board memorization, etc. This book lays that musical foundation, then builds further into more advanced areas of guitarmanship, so veteran guitarists can get a lot out of it too.

“Guitar Essentials” is jam-packed with practical exercises and drills that produce the best, fastest, strongest results. The lessons are snapshots from the author’s curriculum, which has helped many students go from complete beginner to professional, full-income-earning musician in three years or less. The book comes with a ton of Bonus Freebies, including a collection of practice backing tracks, extra bonus chapters, and more.

Some of the lessons include:

* Superstar Result Practice
* Memorize the Note Locations
* The Minor Pentatonic Scale
* The Hindustan Scale
* The Major Scale
* The 7 Major Scale Fingerings
* Ear Training
* Single String Soloing
* Minor Pentatonic Substitution
* Chord Formulas
* The Modes
* Timing & Time Feel
* Writing Songs in Modes

* Music Theory
* Intervals
* Creative Pentatonic Chord Progressions
* The Augmented Line Cliché
* Key Signatures
* Modal Interchange Improvisation
* Triad Substitution Pair Soloing.
* Speed, Dexterity & Accuracy Drills
* 80+ Tips To Improve Your Guitar Solos
* Major Blues Comping with Guide Tones
* Major Blues Rhythm Styles
* … and more.

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