Music Theory On Guitar

Music Theory on Guitar

100% Guaranteed: Music Theory On Guitar will make you fall in love with the inner workings of the language of music. Unravel its secrets, step by step, all the way from the basic beginnings to the top-levels of mastery. 

Most of the in-depth books you’ll find on the study of music theory approach the theory from a piano perspective. Unlike those books, Music Theory On Guitar is the definitive guide on guitar music theory, offering you a complete study on the language of music and how it all works on the fretboard.

Learning everything there is to know about the theory of music is not as crazy as it sounds! Music Theory On Guitar’s special, easy-to-understand approach is one of the reasons author Vreny Van Elslande is among the most sought-after guitar teachers in Los Angeles. He’s helped countless students go from complete beginners to professional, full income-earning musicians in three years or less. Ready to join the ranks of students who all claim that music theory is easy when Vreny explains it?

Inside you’ll find a wealth of colorful tips, techniques, and concepts that will keep inspiring you for a lifetime, including:

  • Everything there is to know about chords
  • The study of scales and how they relate to melodies and guitar solos 
  • How to write backing vocals, string, or horn sections to your songs
  • How to construct everything from simple to advanced composition techniques
  • How to jam with other people
  • How to structure, compose, or make up unbelievably impressive guitar solos
  • How to write songs or compose music for guitar or other instruments
  • A deep study of the stylistic elements that make up reggae, blues, jazz, rock, and any genre
  • And much more

In no time you’ll impress your friends and loved ones with how effortlessly you come up with amazing songs or guitar solos, simply from your deep knowledge of how music works. Be prepared to show off your unbeatable confidence and charisma on stage as a result of knowing how music works. Are you ready to make your listeners fall in love with your musical creations? Are you ready to impress your fans, jam buddies, or band members with your unbelievable musicianship?

This is where it all starts! 

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