Beginner Guitar Bootcamp

Imagine picking up a guitar today for the first time ever, and impressing your friends and family with your ability to strum over 100 songs only 7 days from now. 

It’s not as crazy as it sounds! You also don’t have to practice all day to achieve this result. All it takes is about an hour a day of guitar playing for the next 7 days. These fantastic results that “Beginner Guitar Bootcamp” guarantees are one of the reasons why the author, Vreny Van Elslande, is among the most sought-after guitar teachers in the greater Los Angeles area. His students progress incredibly quickly. He has helped students go from complete beginners to professional, full-income-earning musicians in three years or less.

“Beginner Guitar Bootcamp” is the result of his many years of teaching experience. 

Be prepared to see your listeners’ jaws drop a couple of days from now when they hear you rock song after song on guitar.

Some of the lessons include:

  • How to Practice for Top Results
  • How to Tune the Guitar
  • How to Hold the Guitar
  • How to Play with Great Technique
  • Rhythm & Strumming
  • How to Keep Time
  • All the Chords Everyone Starts With
  • How to Switch Between Chords
  • How to Transpose Songs to Easier Keys
  • Some Basic Music Theory
  • Bar Chords
  • I IV V
  • Blues
  • Well Over 100 Songs
  • . . . and more.

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