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Have you ever avoided a vacation just because the research and planning were more stressful than your 9 to 5? With so many incredible landmarks and not enough time to see them all, how are you supposed to choose which trips make your bucket list and which ones need to take a hike? 

Let me introduce you to your own, personal travel agency: Landmark Travels: The Ultimate Travel Bucket List of the World’s Amazing Attractions. 

I’ve created this comprehensive guide so you can visit all the most magnificent, most famous, and most must-see landmarks around the world— without the stress! 

Featuring all 195 independent countries, this one-of-a-kind travel book is your ultimate vacation companion. Whether you’re ready to lounge on the warm beaches of Thailand, explore the ancient monasteries of Italy, or soak in the mountain hot springs of Turkey, Landmark Travels highlights the very best places to see in each country. Plus, you’ll find short historical background info for each spot, giving you the power to be your own tour guide. Take THAT travel agent. 

In this book you’ll find:

  • The absolute best landmarks in each of the 195 independent countries. Plus, bonus locations!
  • Tips so you can take complete control of your trip to customize the perfect vacation.
  • Logically ordered listings so you can visualize each step of your journey.
  • Deeply researched, hyper-focused content with no boring filler.
  • GPS companion on, with all the journeys already mapped out for you! 

Design the world tour of a lifetime with Landmark Travels, and never let an overwhelming trip put your dreams on hold again. 

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