About Us

ZOT Zin Publishing is the publishing company of Vreny Van Elslande where he publishes all his books and educational materials. This subsidiary operates under the umbrella company ZOT Zin Music LLC.

There is a common denominator that runs through Vreny’s life and that connects all his businesses:

Maximize and Unite Humanity Through Music, Education & Travel.

That mission is reflected in the topics Vreny is interested in: guitar, music, learning how to learn, neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, productivity, success, and travel.


When we learn music, we become better at expressing ourselves and connecting to others. That is probably why, of all the art forms, music seems to be the one that is the most capable of uniting people across the globe. It’s within that philosophy and for that purpose that Guitar Essentials and Beginner Guitar Bootcamp were published. Other music books Vreny is currently working on are:

  • Master the Guitar Fretboard
  • All 2048 Guitar Scales
  • Songwriting on Guitar
  • Master Guitar Improvisation
  • Guitar & Theory.

All books are slated to be published by the end of 2023.

Learning & Productivity

When we become better learners and raise our intelligence, we all become more valuable to humanity and to each other. We also get to live much more interesting, easier, and more exciting lives when we know how to learn anything faster. Vreny’s must-have book that covers the neuroscience, psychology, and pedagogy of learning is Unlock the Extraordinary YOU. We also become more valuable and contribute more to the world and humanity when we become the kind of person who gets things done. Learn all about that in Become a Super Achiever. (Both books are to be published in early 2023).

Music Success Coaching

When we do better, everybody does better. You can do more on a grander scale for more people when you’re financially prosperous. Make Millions Making Music helps musicians bring their music into the world, and make music their profession if they so desire. Music is a universal language. That is why it’s beneficial to all that we help musicians do what they do best: bring more beauty into the world and connect people through their music. Private Music Teaching Business (a working title for now) shows how to start and run a successful music teaching business from the comfort of your own home. (Both books are planned for publication mid-2023)


Lastly, Landmark Travels covers all the most beautiful, most special places in each of the 195 independent countries. There is probably nothing that fosters mutual understanding and open-mindedness more than traveling and visiting each other’s countries, getting to know one another more up close.

All of Vreny’s books will be published and available before the end of 2023. While solely intended to publish Vreny’s works, ZOT Zin Publishing might expand to also take other authors (who write on similar topics) under its wings over time.

Keep reading, keep studying, keep learning! When you improve yourself, you improve EVERYTHING!