Master 2048 Guitar Scales

Imagine effortlessly playing Flamenco-style melodies because you know all the scales by heart. Think of how much fun you’ll have when you can play solos or write songs that sound like Indian, Gypsy, African, Eastern, or Arabic music. 

Master 2048 Guitar Scales is a veritable guitarist’s treasure trove of exotic flavors, inspiring textures, new sonic discoveries, and limitless musical ideas inspired by scales from cultures from all over the world. 

Master 2048 Guitar Scales is also an improvisation and composition encyclopedia that lists all the chords for each scale. With knowledge of the scales and their chords, you can compose music or write songs that sound like the music of any of the world’s cultures and peoples, or come up with unique, unheard-of compositions inspired by rarely used scales and melodies. 

Believe it or not, mastering all 2048 scales in music is not as crazy as it sounds! This book’s structured, easy-to-learn approach is one of the reasons author Vreny Van Elslande is among the most sought-after guitar teachers in Los Angeles. He’s helped countless students go from complete beginners to professional, full income-earning musicians in three years or less. Ready to see the same fantastic progress that all his students enjoy?

This book will provide you a lifetime of new discoveries, including: 

  • More impressive guitar solos
  • Improved fretboard knowledge
  • A better-developed ear
  • A stronger understanding of theory
  • New exotic sounds & textures at your fingertips
  • The ability to musically connect with people anywhere in the world
  • Improved versatility as a songwriter who can write songs that stand out 
  • And more!

This is the must-have book for every guitar player and songwriter who wants to discover new musical sounds and become a better musician—fast. 

Look no further: Master 2048 Guitar Scales is the only book that covers every scale that exists in music with the inclusion of each scale’s chords, and with graphics showing you how to play each scale on the guitar neck. 

Get ready to explore a whole new, exciting world of music.

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