Record & Produce your music.

Work with Vreny to improve your songs, songwriting, chord progressions or melodies, and record and produce your music. 

You can walk in with a melody, and Vreny will write the whole chord chart for you in no time. Or if you already have the chords and melody, you will love hearing the many different chord options or improvements Vreny can show you in a matter of only minutes.

If all you have is lyrics, Vreny can turn your story into a song in about an hour of writing. The reason why he can create music, melodies and chord progressions of such high-quality so quickly, is because he owns 3 degrees from some of the best music schools in the world, has 35 years experience playing music (drums, bass and guitar), and 28 years experience teaching music and songwriting at a high level.

He’s also a best-selling author of a couple of guitar and music theory books, and is currently working on a songwriting book.

Contact Vreny at [email protected] if you have lyrics you need music to or if you have songs you would like to develop.